February 24, 2009


This weekend Teresa Nord hosted the first Scary Movie Saturday Nights at AKA Korman Communities where Blue Sky keeps us nice and warm during these chilly wintry nights. Thanks to the organizational skills of Tab Burton; Tyler Phillips, my wife Cirila, and myself enjoyed a fun filled night stuffing our faces with popcorn and assorted left over Valentine's Day chocolates as we drank ourselves silly with Diet Dr. Pepper and V8 Fusion. Yeah, we really know how to have a big time. The highlight of the night was easily the film we watched entitled Rogue. I liked it because it started the same way as The Lion King and starred an evil giant Australian Crocodile. If you're ever bored out of your mind and you happen to be in Target, give it a try. According to the back of the DVD, "Rogue delivers brutal action and breathless suspense as it speeds towards one of the most intense final showdowns ever filmed." Trust me. You have to see it to believe it!

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