August 15, 2008


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Randall said...


What a great Demo Reel... I really liked it. I thought the meatloaf animation was very well done and makes me laugh every time I watch it.

In couple of posts before this one you said "not only will I record myself, but I take it one step further and add a time frame stamp and then go even one step further and import the video clip into Flash (or any similar 2D app.) and literally make visual notes on my own performance."

Could you share that with us in a lot more detail? What are you using to record yourself, and then how do you get it into the computer, and what I really want to know is how do you add a time frame stamp and import the video clip into a 2D application and make visual notes on the performance?

I would greatly appreciate as much detailed information as you could give me. Have you ever heard of Camtasia Studio 5.1? It's a computer screen recorder that lets you do training videos. They have a 30-day free trial you can download here...

I thought that since you liked showing people the process in how you work, you would like to try that program out.

Phillip, you're a really good animator, I would love to learn more from you. I think you could turn your blog into a great teaching tool and make some money with Google ads doing it. Animators are always looking for ways to learn more. Plus you seem like you have the teaching bug in you, and I think that’s great.


Dylan Durrant said...


You probably heard but the other day Bobby Beck talked about your demo reel during a Q&A. Freakin awesome man.

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

great acting animation you have here, It's great the animation for the 11 sec club,,very inspiring.

Wesley Griffith said...

I love it phil. I actually laughed when i saw the meatloaf bit.
great stuff

Auggie Rios said...

Phil! that demo reel makes me proud to be one of your students. Thanks for everything man, i havent animated since i graduated but youve just inspired me to get my lazy butt back to work.

Michael said...

oh man, I REMEMBER that 11sec club entry (inspectors)... I think I gave it a 2. =P

MOM, THE MEATLOAF!!! LOL, very good stuff, Phil!