September 10, 2012


It's hard to believe, but Batman: The Animated Series premiered 20 years ago this month. I can vividly remember racing home off the school bus as a 13 year old kid to watch it before I did my homework. I also remember fiddling with the VCR to find a blank VHS tape so I could record every episode; "What is this? My sisters' Dance Recital? No one wants to watch that. RECORD!" There had never been anything like it before. It wasn't Super Friends. It wasn't a guest appearance on Scooby-Doo. It was the freakin' Batman!

I remember immediately falling in love with Bruce Timm's character designs and it wasn't long before all of my book covers and notes for school were covered with my feeble attempts to draw these characters. I loved this show as a kid! One of the best things about that first season was everyday a new episode premiered. I forget how the story goes, but I think Warner Bros. had like 80-some episodes completed before the first one ever aired on FOX. To this day Kevin Conroy IS still the voice of Batman (sorry Christian Bale). I will never forget the day I found out Luke Skywalker was the voice of the Joker. Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance as the Joker, but for me no one will ever be able to outdo Mark Hamill.

Simply put, the show was awesome, and more than anything, it gave me one more reason to want to be an animator.

Check out the first 2 episodes:

"The Cat and the Claw, Part I"

"On Leather Wings."

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