June 4, 2012


Friday was my last day on Hotel Transylvania at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Like a fanboy I HAD to have Genndy Tartakovsky sign my poster before leaving. What an amazing experience to have worked under his direction. From his past success in television animation there is no doubt he is heavily influenced by the UPA visual style of limited animation. I openly admit translating that style to 3D was difficult at times for me to fully wrap my brain around it. It seems like everything nowadays is focused so much on subtle lifelike movement that this was a challenge but I think in the end it definitely works! I learned a ton on this project!

It was also great to have worked with so many of my friends from studios past on such an exciting project. Like I've said many times before, my favorite part of this industry is the amazing people you get to work with and the crew on my team were all absolutely fantastic! Now it's on to the next!!! Stay tooned!

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