April 6, 2011


My Dad emailed this video to me a few years ago to express how proud he was of me for achieving my lifelong dream to be a Character Animator on a Fully Animated Feature Film. I had the dream in the 2nd grade, but the journey didn't begin until after high school in 1997 when I left home for college. Little did I know it would take 12 years before I'd see it come true. There were plenty of times when it would have been easier to quit (and believe me there were times I wanted to) but one thing kept me going; one promise I had from God. THIS.

With a promise like that, how could I possibly quit?

We aren't born winners or losers, but choosers. What do you do when your goal seems out of reach? What do you do when you fall? Be like DJ Gregory. Make the right choice. Get back up and walk on!

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G1toons said...

very true, nice post