February 5, 2011


This is the second game trailer created by Blur Studios for DC Universe Online. At the end of the first trailer we see Lex Luthor from the future explain to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman their fate and the events that will occur when he finally defeats the entire JLA. Luthor is left defenseless against a full-on alien invasion lead by Brainiac. In this new trailer we see the events that follow the battle in the first trailer. It looks like the Joker didn't kill Batman after all. Seriously, when has trusting Lex Luthor ever been a good idea? I've been playing the game for two weeks now and I am enjoying it so far. These trailers however are blowing me away. I hope they keep making them and that one day WB will decide to make a direct-to-video movie based off these 3D characters. That would be so sick! Do it WB! DO IT!

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