February 24, 2010


My time working on Red Dead Redemption has come to an end and I have since moved on, but I will definitely miss the good times and friends I made working in Santa Monica at Image-Metrics. I tried not to take for granted all the days we walked down to the Santa Monica pier for lunch. (I'll probably miss that about as much as anything else.) My time there was short, but it was a treat to work on Red Dead Redemption. If you're a gamer, I don't have to tell you how amazing this game is going to be. Trust me, I was already excited about it long before I got to work on it.

If you've never heard of Image Metrics, they provides superior facial animation solutions to the entertainment industry. That's what they do. They've done a ton of facial work in movies, games, and music videos. They were contracted by Rockstar Games to do all the facial animation for the game. I have to say I learned a tremendous amount during my time there.

Thanks Image-Metrics.

On to the next...

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