May 28, 2008


Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and she surprised me with this freakin' awesome book on the Art of Kung-Fu Panda. DreamWorks does a great job promoting their animated films, but some of their movies I feel have failed to deliver. Regardless, I have crazy high hopes for this film. I absolutely love the character design and art direction and from what I've seen in the previews the animation looks sweet! I'm definitely going to see this at the IMAX when it comes out. I just hope the film is as awesome as this book. Thanks Sweets!

*UPDATE* This book is even sweeter now because Kung-Fu Panda is easily my favorite animated film of the year! I even got to see it in IMAX!!! Skdooosh!

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Anonymous said...

man can you upload this book cuz im crazy with this movie and im from egypt and its very hard to get this book