March 28, 2008


Last week I turned 29. Sort of a scary thought considering how close that number is to 30. Anyway, I received birthday money from my family (which I gladly accepted) and with it one of the things I bought was this book "To Infinity and Beyond! The Story of Pixar Animation Studios."

If you are pursuing a career in animation or maybe you are just a fan of Pixar, I highly recommend you buy this book. I'm in the middle of reading it but what I've read so far has been inspiring. It's an encouraging thought to know even Pixar never gets it right the first time. They never settle for a good idea. They keep pressing on for the best idea and a common theme you'll notice in this book is "The best idea wins."

Most of the time your first idea isn't your best. In actuality it's probably the most familiar. So take on the challenge; if you don't get it right the first time don't give up. Keep at it! See James 1:12.

Go get this book!


Dylan said...


I just got accepted to Animation Mentor!! I am so excited! Thanks again for feeding my passion at Ai, I might have became a prop modeler if I had a lame animation teacher.

Nate Lane said...

Haha funny thing, I've had that book sitting around in my room since Christmas and sort of forgot about it. Will definitely give it a solid read. Thanks for the reminder man!

Phillip Hall said...

That's awesome Dylan. Let me know how it goes. Stay in touch and good luck!